F-256 NOS DGW 50


Here’s the gun that started it all!

The famous Dixie Gun Works Southern Mountain rifle!


It’ a brand new left hand 50 cal flinter found packed away in inventory from their traveling road show. This is the last of these guns ever to be sold by DGW! We know because WE BOUGHT IT!

Each one has a serial number, so this is the real deal. Dixie hasn’t sold these in years. We’ve seen a lot of these and sold several very nice used guns. This one is BRAND NEW and NEVER FIRED.

This not a “poor boy” rifle. It comes complete with a butt plate, side plate, toe plate, and double set triggers.

The 15/16 x 41” 50 caliber rifled barrel is inlet to a hardwood stock finished in a rich Mahogany /cherry color. It features a pronghorn rear sight and a steel blade in front. The length of pull is 13 ½”.

The famous Dixie left hand Mountain lock fires into a stainless steel vent liner. It is tripped by DGW double set adjustable triggers.

The Southern Mountain style trim is in steel, hot browned in a rich plumb brown color. The stock has the signature round “Grease or Tallow hole” for patch lube.

Here’s your chance to own a piece of Muzzleloading history in brand new, never fired condition with a great story at a great price. You can enjoy this piece of history or hang it on the wall and let it grow in value.

We’re going to offer it at its original retail price (adjusted a little for inflation) at only $899.

Hurry!!!! There’s only one last one!