F-255 Verner 45


These Lehigh Valley guns have such pleasing lines that you can’t help but want to hold one.

The long curved underside and graceful swoop of the butt plate gives them a certain grace that really proves that the early gun makers like Andrew Verner really had an eye for crafting beautiful longrifles.

With about 3 ¾ inches of drop and 13 ¾” of pul these guns are a joy to hold and shoot.

This one is in 45 caliber using a 42” Rice B weight swamped barrel, so the balance is toward the rear so it doesn’t feel nose heavy at all. The more comfortable to hold …the better you’ll shoot.

This top quality barrel is inlet to a CM-3 curly maple stock and secured by three milled underlugs and a flared tang. The vent is externally drilled and coned putting that flame from the shower of sparks only a fraction of an inch from the main charge for lightning fast ignition.

It is fired by an L&R classic flint lock featuring a rain proof pan, roller frizzen , forged mainspring and turned bearing surfaces. It is tripped by L&R #5 adjustable double set triggers.

The curly maple stock is trimmed in brass using the unique styling of Andrew Verner.It also features a Lehigh valley style patch box to hold your extra patches, flints, and possibles.

The lock and barrel are finished in an antique grey reminiscent of worn bluing to go with the worn look given to the stain and finish on the stock.

This combination gives this gun a great worn but well cared for look worthy of a fine muzzleloader like this one. We’re pleased to be able to offer this newly finished gun for your consideration at only $1599