F-254 Fine Jaeger Rifle


This beautiful Jaeger Rifle was recently finished for us by Bernard Riendeau.

It was two years in the making and the results speak for themselves. The craftsmanship is outstanding and it is the nicest gun we have yet offered. The carving and attention to detail set this gun apart from all others. We’ll let the pictures do the talking and we’ll just concentrate on the specifics.

This is a 62 caliber 31” D swamped Colerain barrel with a 1×66 twist. It is inlet to a beautiful burled piece of American black walnut. The carving is extensive and expertly done.

The lock of choice is the RE Davis Jaeger flintlock firing into a stainless steel vent liner in the “sunrise” position slightly above the plane of the pan for lightning fast ignition. It is tripped by RE Davis double set double phase triggers in the early Jaeger style, with the slanted back set trigger. The sights are a Jaeger fixed rear and a brass blade in front.

The trim is in brass. The early style large open bow is pierced at the front and nicely inlet. The large gently curved butt plate gives a comfortable fit to this large caliber rifle. The brass side plate has been hand engraved with a stag, hunter and hounds hunting scene and border. The nose cap is cast brass as are the octagon to round ram rod thimbles and sculpted thumb piece.

This fine rifle features a sliding wood patch box carved from CM-4 curly maple and trimmed in brass. It is richly carved and detailed to match the style and contrast the black walnut stock. There is also a sling swivel in front and a button in the rear for a rifle sling and we have included a top quality leather one just for that purpose.

As you can see from the pictures this is a beautiful finished gun and we are very pleased to be able to offer it for your consideration. Great parts, expert workmanship and attention to detail. You don’t often run across one this nice for a modest $3950.