F-251 Southern Canoe Gun 45 perc


 Canoe guns are very popular so we exactly what to do with a broken stock and a short barrel.

This one is a 7/8 x 24” 45 cal barrel and straight tang inlet to a CM-2 curly maple stock at a 14” LOP. The overall length is only 39 ½” at a weight of only 6 lbs.

The curly maple stock is shaped in a late Virginia style and stained a deep Cordovan brown with reddish undertones. It looks great against the matt browned Virginia styled iron trim with a long toe plate.

The chosen lock is the tried and true large Siler percussion tripped by a simple trigger.

These short, light weight guns handle great in tight quarters and are a hunters favorite.

This one could soon become your favorite.

We’ve kept the cost down too and can offer it to you at a very modest $1099.