F-250 Left Custom Fry 45


This is another fine rifle from the Walker estate collection.

This is the finest of the bunch with custom features throughout.

From 50 yards away you know that this is a fine custom rifle.

At its heart is a 15/16 x 32” custom cut and crowned 45 cal cal barrel shortened for great balance and rock steady accuracy. It uses a long tang with two screws securing it to the long trigger plate for super strength  through the wrist.

It is inlet to a grade 4 curly maple fullstock shaped in an early plains transitional style with a 13 ¾” LOP and a 3 ½” drop at the butt.

The stock wrist is hand checkered with 80 German silver pins highlighting intersecting squares.

The iron trim is in the plains style in a rich plumb brown. The barrel has been nicely engraved from the breech and surrounding the rear sight.

The Makers name “Fry” has been engraved into a German silver inlay dovetailed into the barrel. The engraving continues all the way to surround the front sight too.

The lock is the left large Siler firing into a drilled and coned vent. It is tripped by a long plated Hedgecock fancy plain trigger.

One of the outstanding features of this beautiful rifle is the custom cut and engraved German silver patch box in a full silhouette of a white tail deer. Its round cavity is perfect for holding your extra patches, jag or balls.


This is a beautiful custom gun with lots of custom features and very well cared for. It even has a sling stud on the trigger guard and another just ahead of the middle thimble if you want to add a sling.

We’ve refinished the stock, restored the browning on the trim, rebuilt the lock and cleaned the bore.

We felt that a gun with this much work already in it deserved another life with a new owner.

We’re proud to offer it for your consideration at a modest $1799.