F-248 Canoe Rifle 50


We get a lot of requests for short barreled, light weight, large caliber hunting guns and this one is right on track.

It features a 22” 50 cal round barrel with a fast 1×28 twist. It’s perfect for Minnie or maxi balls or even sabots for real knock down power on large game. The short barrel makes it easy to swing around in the brush and its light weight of just under 5 lbs. make it a joy to carry. It makes a great tree stand gun too. 

This is a flintlock so it’s perfect for you Pennsylvania deer hunters. The lock is a CVA Maslin style small flinter firing into a drilled and coned vent. It’s a good sparker tripped by a simple plain trigger.

The stock is in plain maple in a typical Penn style with no cheek piece and a length of pull just under 13 inches. It is Stained a rich, dark walnut and sealed in multiple coats of satin Tru-Oil. The brass trim has been left in an aged patina, so it wont scare away game, and the lock and barrel have been dark blued.

You’ll have a lot of fun at a great price with this awesome little hunter.

It can be yours at only $559.