F-246 Horse pistol


We call this a horse pistol because it has a very long barrel.

This one is twice as long as most, at a full 16 inches.

That makes it a little long for a holster or sash but perfect for dueling or carrying horseback.

This beautiful new pistol is in 45 caliber with its 7/8”x16” barrel mated to a CM-4 curly maple dueling pistol stock.

With its longer sight plane, this gun is extremely accurate.

The lock of choice is the small Siler flint firing into a drilled and coned vent in the “sunrise” position for sure fire ignition.

The trim is in brass and complete with three ram rod thimbles holding a hand tapered ash ram rod, a nose cap, and side plate (to which we have added a second screw since this photo was taken).

These long barreled pistols always get a lot of attention and proud to be able to offer this new one at a modest $1299.