F-245 Left Carolina fine rifle


This is another fine rifle from the Walker estate collection.

This fine Sothern gun is in the Carolina style built and signed by contemporary builder Jackie Brown.

It features a Colerain American Heritage swamped 44” B weight 45 cal barrel.

The swamped barrel gives a nice balance for a long sight plane rifle

It is mated to a CM-4 curly maple stock stained iridescent dark brown.

The lock of choice is a left large Siler tripped by double set triggers with a 14” LOP.

The Southern style trim is in brass as many of the nicer rifles of its day were. It comes with a nice simple two piece brass patch box, nose cap, and toe plate so this is certainly no “poor boy”.

This fine gun is in great shape with only a few carry marks. It has obviously been very well cared for.  We oiled the stock again and shined up the brass and it looks great against the dark stained curly maple.

It’s almost like new again and we’re proud to be able to offer it at a modest $1499.