F-244 Full Stock Left


40 cal Plains Rifle


This is another fine left handed gun from the Walker estate.

This great gun is in the favorite target 40 caliber

The 15/16 barrel has been shortened to 32” to better balance the weight.

Once this gun is on target, it won’t move. It’s a tack driver.

It is mated to a great piece of CM-4 stock wood and shaped as a full stock plains rifle with a squared cheek piece. The vivid curl contrasts nicely with the matt browned trim.


The trim is in iron in the English fine rifle trim. It comes complete with a simple two piece iron patch box, toe plate and nose cap.

The lock of choice is the L&R large left Manton featuring a rain proof pan, deep rain gutters, stirruped main spring and roller frizzen for lightning fast ignition firing into a stainless steel vent liner. It is tripped by a simple high pinned plated trigger.

This a very well made very nice looking rifle that looks like new.

You can be proud to own it a very modest $1399.