F-242 Left 54


Plains Percussion  Rifle


We get a lot of inquiries about left handed Hawken style halfstocks.

Here’s a chance to have a very nice custom made lefty in 54 caliber percussion with all the best stuff.

Hawken or plains style rifle parts are notoriously expensive and the labor to build is too.

We jumped at the chance to pick this one up from the Walkers collectors estate sale. It’s like new!

It features a Colerain 1” x 36” 54 cal barrel fitted with a hooked breech and long tang held to the plain maple  stock with wedge barrel keys for easy removal and cleanup. There are escutcheon plate inlays  to protect the stock wood from damage during removal too.

The long tang allows two bolts to the double set triggers for super strength through the wrist.

The Length of pull is 14” and the weight is 9.2 lbs.

The plains rifle trim is in iron and the nose cap is hand fashioned from poured pewter.

The left percussion lock is stamped “ LONG’S LOCKS, DENVER” and features a stirruped main spring.

Originally designed by Ron Long, this is the lock made famous by the Green River Rifle works of Roosevelt, Utah. This one is hand fitted to the snail breech.

This is a very nicely made gun in great shape. We got a good deal on it and helped some folks out, so we’ll pass the savings on to you. You can have a custom built left hand percussion plains rifle half stock at a great price way below replacement value at only $1299.