F-241 Blunderbuss

This is the finished version of our KB-14 English Blunderbuss kit

These shoulder held guns were popular with civilian use for sentry duty, crowd control, or signaling.

The military used them as well aboard ships for close deck fighting and boarding.

This one is in walnut with brass English fowler trim

The barrel is an 11ga.  octagon to round tapered and flared 14” custom contoured barrel with a 1 ¼” flared muzzle. It’s pretty intimidating if you’re looking down the end of one. The flared muzzle made for ease of loading but had no effect on shot pattern

The lock of choice is the RE Davis engraved English fowler flintlock firing into a drilled and coned vent.

It is tripped by a simple plated trigger with an easy pull.

The metal parts have been antiqued to a well worn, lightly blued appearance, while the walnut stock is

stained medium brown and oil finished.

These cool little guns are a lot of fun, especially at dusk, at candle shoots or to announce the start of a

new day at camp. No lodge should be without one.

We’ve kept the price low too at only $1199.