F-240 pistol 54



This new pistol is the upgraded version of our K-4 Colonial pistol kit.


At the heart of this beast is a 54 cal 10 inch swamped pistol barrel from Ed Rayl.

It is an octagon to round tapered and flared swamped barrel with a 1×20 fast pistol twist.


Sights have been added front and rear for increased accuracy.


It is mated to a curly sugar maple stock and trimmed in brass. The tapered and flared ram rod has been fashioned  from ash and “candy caned”.

The custom side plate has been hand engraved.


The lock of choice is the small Siler flint firing into a drilled and coned vent.

The stock has been thinned and shaped for a really nice comfortable grip. The curly sugar maple stock has been stained a beautiful Bourbon brown and the lock and barrel a matt browned for a great look.

This larger caliber pistol is the perfect companion to a 54 cal rifle. It only weighs 2.2 lbs and can shoot the same patched ball.

This is a very nicely done pistol that will shoot as great as it looks.

We’re proud offer it for your consideration at a modest $1199.