F-237 Lancaster 54



Our good friend and favorite gunsmith, Lyle McGregor, is recovering from shoulder surgery and has decided to build himself a new gun with a little less nose weight for next seasons league shoots.

He is selling his favorite gun to finance the project and we are happy to help out.


This is a very nice gun, and in the hands of a skilled shooter like Lyle, it has won a bunch of matches.

You know it has been lovingly cared for and finely made, so here are the specs.


The heart of this fine rifle is a Green Mountain 15/16 x 54 cal straight octagon barrel.

The rear sight is an early Penn Germanic style and the front is a cast steel blade. We know it’s sighted in dead on.


It is inlet to a CM-4 Curly Maple stock that is relief carved around the tang and behind the cheek piece. There are beavertails carved at the rear of the lock mortise and incize carved line work throughout. Note the nicely sculpted line along the forend and toe for a slimming effect on this very nicely done rifle.


There is even a nicely inlet four piece Steel patch box with a hidden release to keep your spare flints picks or tools in. There is even a sling swivel and button for easy carry in the woods.


The stock has been stained in a burnt honey color and sealed in a hand rubbed oil finish.

The length of pull is 13 3/4.”


The chosen lock is a hand tuned Large Siler firing into a stainless vent liner perfectly located in the “sunrise” position for sure fire ignition every time. It is tripped by hand tuned RE Davis double set triggers.


You wont find a nicer, well made, sure fire winner than this tried and true performer.

Lyle’s only asking $1599 and we agree …it’s a heck of a deal for a gun this nice.