F-232 Tennessee Valley Poor Boy 40


This great little gun was recently finished for us by Kevin Blevins.

It is a short 40 cal  using a Rice ¾ x 34” barrel.

The shorter length and small diameter barrel mean great balance and very light weight.

The overall weight is only 5 ½ lbs! The Length of pull is 13 1/2.”

It is mated to a curly maple stock with vivid curl throughout. It is stained with a home made recipe using red heart cherries and white walnut hulls. The results are outstanding!

The chosen lock is the tried and true L&R small Manton flint with beautifully sculpted internals using a stirruped main spring, roller frizzen, rain proof pan, and turned bearing surfaces. It’s the perfect size for these smaller barreled guns. It fires a shower of sparks into a drilled and coned vent located in the “sunrise” position for positive ignition.

It is tripped by a no nonsense single plated trigger with an easy pull. The iron trim is done in a rich matt brown using a secret family recipe.

In true poor boy style the iron trim is minimal with a “no frills” approach. There is no unnecessary extras like a nose cap, side plate, entry thimble, and just a simple hand forged steel butt plate. The remaining items chosen are the best ….a vivid curly maple stock, homemade stain, custom cut and coned Rice barrel in the popular 40 cal, great USA made small Manton flintlock, and browned Tennessee trim.

This gun may soon become your favorite.

We’re proud to be able to offer it at only $1299.