F-221 J. Henry Style Carbine



We get a lot of requests for short-barreled large caliber hunting guns with a custom touch.

This one fills the bill perfectly. It doesn’t look like a production gun bought at the local discount store. This nice full stock custom built gun is designed as a hunting brush gun or saddle/canoe gun. It is styled after the J. Henry trade guns produced in the mid-late 1800s for settlers headed west into the plains area to establish their homesteads.


This nice little brush gun is in the popular 50 cal so ammo is readily available in various configurations. The 1” x 27” barrel is stout enough to handle some heavy hunting loads and the muzzle is deeply crowned for easy loading. We have test fired this gun and it shoots great groups consistently.


The lock is a small percussion version firing into a drum and nipple. No convoluted Nock Patent breech system here. The drum fires a #11 cap directly into the main charge for instant ignition even under rough conditions. It is tripped by a simple single trigger with an easy pull and no wiggle or slop.


The barrel is fixed and pinned directly to the cherry wood stock. No sloppy hooked tang breech to throw off consistent sighting and accuracy. The iron sights are located 10” from the breech…….perfect for older eyes.


The trim is finished in dark bluing and includes a simple four piece iron patch box to house your extra patches, jag, tools and caps. The side plate and toe plate are in brass as were the originals.


This is great little hunting or target gun you wont be afraid to haul around in the woods or take in your canoe. We’ve priced it to sell at only $949.