F-219 Southern Halfstock 50



Most of the guns on the new western frontier were not Hawkens at all.

Most were converted Kentucky and Southern rifles re-barreled to larger calibers to handle the bigger sized game out west. This brand new rifle is a good example of the typical gun headed west in the early 1800s.


This is a Southern half stock rifle in 50 caliber. It retains its Southern charm with its vivid striped CM-4 curly maple stock and distinctive Southern style iron trim. That includes the lollipop tang so popular on these guns. The long tang enables the use of two tang bolts thru the wrist and into the long set trigger plate for extra strength without the excessive weight of the Hawken style hooked breech.


The 50 cal 7/8 x 36” barrel is from Green Mountain and has a factory installed steel under rib with brass thimbles antiqued dark. The rear sight is a pronghorn style for quick sighting and the front is a steel blade. The grooved steel nose cap guides the ram rod directly into the fore end.


The lock of choice is the small Siler flint. You can always carry extra flints or find some kind of rock to make a spark, but when you’re 100 miles from the nearest town and out of caps you’re screwed! Flintlocks remained popular on the frontier until well into late 1800’s. This great little lock is tripped by double set triggers and fires into a drilled and coned vent.


The trim is in iron in the Southern style accented with brass pipes and ram rod tip.

There is an iron   side plate and toe plate for protection. The stock is stained dark to bring out the vivid curl in the wood and then finished in multiple coats of hand rubbed Tung oil for a hard durable finish.


The end result is a very attractive 50 caliber half stock, very well done. It’s great looks and superb accuracy make it a gun you will be proud to own. It’s brand new and unfired and just waiting for it’s first owner. That can be you for only $1399.