F-213 North West Canoe gun


Here is recently the finished version of our K-6E North West trade gun Canoe Gun.

These are very popular and we’re never able to keep them on hand long enough to even get pictures.

This one is in 20 gauge using a 24” octagon to round barrel. It’s perfect for a fast hunting gun in the brush or a woods walk target gun. Since the originals were blued rather than browned, we have finished it in an antiqued bluing that is more of a grey look like worn bluing. We’ve given it an authentic tapered wooden ram rod too.

It is mated to a 20” maple stock with a sling swivel and stud so you can easily carry on long treks or in your canoe. The relief carved tang molding and beaver tail carving at the rear of the lock mortise is typical of this style trade gun. The maple stock has been given an antique finish as well, with darkened areas from being handled and lightened areas of wear.

The lock is the very correct RE Davis round faced English trade lock. It’s a big lock like the originals, but with more modern internals for durability. It fires into a drilled and coned vent just like the originals too.

The trigger is the typical large trade gun trigger pinned through the lock area for an easy pull. The originals had a large trigger to allow two fingers sometimes necessary to trip the very stout mainsprings in the trade locks. The natives were used to a two-fingered pull on their bows, so it was easy to adapt. This one has a very light pull.

The trim is a combination of brass butt plate attached with hand forged nails, thin corrugated brass ram rod pipes, cast brass serpent side plate and the large bowed iron trigger guard fastened to the tang by a screw from below as is a correct feature on this English trade gun.

These unique guns are a lot of fun and can do just about anything.

We’ve kept it true to the originals and are pleased to be able to offer it to you at a very modest $1249.