F-204 Early Tennessee Poor Boy 45


We were really lucky to find a stash of NOS parts that could be assembled into some really special hard to find older style guns. We asked or skilled Appalachian craftsman to put these treasures together into a nice retro rifle.


This one is a Southern style mountain rifle in 45 caliber. It features a 7/8 x 37” Douglas barrel that looks like brand new. Many long time shooters still swear by these barrels and we’re not going to argue. It’s a favorite brand and caliber for target and hunting.


The cherry wood stock has been around awhile too. It has great lines and just the right amount of drop for a very comfortable fit. It comes up nice and puts you right on target.

This nicely finished mahogany colored wood will just get better with age.


The chosen lock is the L&R Large Manton flintlock, perfect for this era Southern rifle.

It features a stirruped main spring and roller frizzen for speed and deep rain gutters, and rain proof frizzen for superior performance in the woods. It throws a shower of sparks directly into the pan with and coned vent located in the sunrise position for lightning fast ignition. It is tripped by a simple plated trigger with easy pull and no wiggle or slop.

No annoying “click” from a set trigger to scare game away when they are looking right at you.


The poor boy trim is in iron and we have included a nice butt plate without the severe curve some find so annoying to hold. It also includes a side plate, so our Poor Boy isn’t really all that poor. The only omitted items are a nose cap and entry thimble.

The trim is finished in a cold browning, controlled rusting solution that brings the metal to a plumb brown matt finish. It’s all done with home made family recipes past down from many generations of Appalachian gun builders.


This retro rifle turned out great!

Good parts, nice lines, great finishes and most of all great workmanship.

We got a good deal on these parts so we can pass it on to you.

It’s a rifle you can be proud to own and have a lot of fun with.

It’s a lot of bang for the buck for only $1199.