F-188 French C Fusil Fin


These early French fusils are really beautiful when finished. The stock has beautiful flowing lines and the cast trim pieces are quite ornate. This fine example was recently finished for us by Bernard Riendeau and he has taken this fine fowler to a whole new level. The fit and finish is excellent and the result is a true Fusil Fin you would be proud to own.

The barrel is a 41” 20 gauge octagon to round tapered smoothbore finished in an antique French grey.

The stock is in beautifully sculpted walnut trimmed in brass. It comes with two ram rods.

The first is a tapered and flared wood rod just like the originals, and the second is a range rod with brass tip and jag.


The lock is the early style French C flintlock specific to this fusil. This beautifully sculptured lock has the original makers name Mauberg engraved in fancy script and the plate, cock and frizzen are bordered by double engraved lines. As a true representation of an early 1680-1730 style lock, the frizzen is held by a shouldered screw with no pan bridle. A flash guard can be attached easily. The lock has been polished armory brite as well. This lock is made in the USA and fully guaranteed.


The polished cast brass trim was taken from originals and reflect the skill of these early gunsmiths. The butt plate shows the engraving cast into the top.


The side plate is heavily relief engraved and pierced as well. It is nicely inlet to the wood and accented by double raised panels relief carved into the walnut and flowing into the tang surround.


The thumb pieces is relief engraved as well with a gargoyle face and a shield to house your initials. It too is nicely inlet and surrounded by a raised wood relief border.


The trigger guard has both relief engraving and line engraving and is surrounded by raised wood panels to accent the lines of these beautiful pieces.


The extra carving on this fine fowler is what really sets it apart. The tang has been surrounded by relief carved scrolls and fern style designs that are matched by the same style surrounding the ram rod entry pipe.


There is even a subtle blending of the delicate wrist into the rear of the butt and a relief carved line the entire length of the top and bottom of the fore end for a slimming effect on this beautiful fusil fin. The walnut has been filled and finished in multiple coats of hand rubbed oil.


This is the nicest French C we have ever offered and we are proud to offer it for your consideration at a modest $2750.