F-180 Mich-I-Gun Halfstock


 We took this great gun in on trade because it looked just like the K-38 Mich-I-Gun halfstock we offer as a kit. We refinished the stock, polished the lock, cleaned up the brass and are pleased to be able to offer it for your consideration at a great price.

 With its short 30” x 13/16 barrel in 45 caliber it is extremely light in weight (less than six pounds) and easy to handle. The length of pull is 12 ½ inches, so it would be perfect for a ladies or youth gun too with little nose weight and great balance. It’s just a nice light gun for targets and easy to carry in the woods for hunting when wearing heavier clothes.

The percussion lock is a Siler Mountain caplock, perfect for this era. It is tripped by a plain trigger firing into a drum and nipple sized for #11 caps. 

The stock is in CM-4 curly maple stained in a rich medium American Walnut brown and finished in hand rubbed Tung Oil.

The Michigan/Ohio style trim is in brass with a German silver side plate and front sight and a hand poured pewter half stock style nose cap. The styling on this gun very closely resembles several originals we have seen and/or had on this site. 

This sweet little gun cleaned up great and now its ready for a new owner.

The bore is bright, the brass is shiny, and the stock is fresh.

We’ve kept the cost low too so it could be you.

We’re proud to be able to represent a bit of Michigan history for only $999.