F-178 Appalachian Barn Gun



This new Fowler looks likes it’s been hanging on pegs in an Appalachian barn for 100 years! This 20 gauge smoothbore is the finished version of our K-1 Barn Gun kit.

It has a very rustic look due to the worn look of the wormy curly maple stock.


This unique piece of wood is CM-3 wormy curly maple. The same beetle larva that riddle the barn beams got into this stock wood too. It’s the perfect look for a gun that spent its life in the barn.


This Appalachian gun was hand finished just as the originals would have been. The stock wood has been stained with multiple coats of crushed Blackberries and walnut hulls marinated in mineral spirits and glass scraped and whiskered between coats. The final finish is many coats of hand rubbed boiled linseed oil. The stock has been darkened in the areas where it would be neglected and worn light in the places subject to years of handling.


The barrel is a Colerain C weight 44” 20 ga. with a tapered barrel and a slightly flared muzzle. It’s light weight with great balance, so you can shoot both patched round ball and shot and wad for a very versatile gun. The length of pull is 13 ¾ “.


The lock of choice is the RE Davis engraved early English fowler flintlock. This is a great authentic looking round faced lock with a nice stout mainspring that throws a shower of sparks right into the heart of the pan. It fires into a drilled and coned vent perfectly done in the “sunrise position” slightly above the plane of the pan. This is as it should be in an authentic gun …..not a stainless steel vent liner.


The minimal trim is fashioned in iron and finished with homemade formulas for real Appalachian browning. In true barn gun style there is no nose cap, but there is a Fowler style entry thimble and an iron butt plate for protection during loading.


The Fowler side plate is actually antiqued brass. Trim parts were often intermixed depending on what was available. Nothing went to waste and many parts were mixed metals or old military trim. If it couldn’t be hand forged, it was recycled from something else.


This Appalachian barn gun is the real deal. It is BUILT IN APPALACHIA and done in the old way by our highly skilled Appalachian craftsman.

We’re proud to be able to offer it to you for your consideration at a very modest $1199.