2015 Rendezvous



We finally took time to partake in a couple Rendezvous this year, so we could meet our new customers and greet our old friends.


It’s really great to hear how many folks are familiar with this website, have it on their favorites, and we always like to hear that our finished product looks even better in person, than in the pictures.


We met a lot of new folks, made some great contacts, did a few repairs, sold some guns and had a great time at the Alafia River Rendezvous.


That’s my good friend Gil Trudelle from Windsor Ontario, who came all the way down from Canada and provided the tent and help so we could display our wares. These great pics are thanks to “Spirit Woman”


Our Florida winter shop now has a full inventory and going full speed ahead.

We try to keep things fresh and new and are constantly adding new items and trying to keep this site updated. The “Finished Guns” Section is constantly changing and the “One of a Kind” gets new additions all the time. Watch for seasonal “Specials” that can save some serious money.  We’ll soon be ready to head back to our log cabin in Michigan for the summer. We’ll burn a little wood in the morning to take the chill off and maybe in the evening too just because it feels so good. When it starts getting hot we can jump in the lake to cool off. I can reintroduce myself to my favorite tools and forgotten inventory and finish up the projects I’ve brought with me. Feel free to call. 989-574-5726 It’s my cell so I’m always there, even if I have to find a hole in the trees to get reception. ENJOY!