CLA 2017


Our good friend Jim Frost was asked to build a gun for the CLA Live Auction at the annual show held in Lexington Kentucky.

Jim builds a lot of guns for us so we agreed to supply all the parts for a nice Lehigh Valley gun done in the style of Jacob Dubbs. Jim is a busy man so it barely got done in time for the show but it turned out absolutely beautiful. The bidding on this fine gun was fast and furious so brought a lot of money to this great organization. Jim couldn’t even make the show so we made sure to be there in his stead.

It’s always nice to see old friends and customers, make new ones and see the efforts of these great artisans. It’s also great to hear how many people are familiar with this site and hear comments like   “your guns look even better in person than in the pictures”. We had a great time as usual and came back revitalized and determined to do even better work.      

We returned to our Florida location a little early to assess the damage from hurricane Irma.

The storm came ashore a few miles south of us so the eye of the storm went directly over us. We were very lucky and only lost a lot of roof shingles and screens but no leaking or flooding. We have a home watch service that put our Hurricane shutters up for us to prevent windows blowing out, so that really helped. It has taken several weeks to clean up all the debris and downed vegetation so everyone has a waist high pile of limbs and palm fronds that is slowly being taken away and things are getting back to normal here. The shop received no damage except a little extra humidity for a few days. We were very lucky, so thank you and all our suppliers for your concern.